Why the confusion?

Part of me will never understand the way life decides to work. It’s a big fucking rollercoaster of emotions and whirlwinds. I have no idea what life is trying to teach me or where it’s taking me, all I know is that it is confusing as hell. One second everything seems to look up and you can’t be happier and then BOOM! Out of nowhere something hits you like a bus, something you didn’t see coming and something that you have no control over. It chokes you up inside and even though you try to be strong you can’t help but look to the skies and wonder ”why you”. And that’s just it isn’t it? We always wonder why bad things happen to us and wallow in self pity and distract ourselves so much that we loose sight of the big picture. We let life confuse the crap out of us and out on a production with our emotions. Now you may ask yourself what’s the point? The answer friends,i believe, can never be fully understood. I don’t know why bad things continue to happen to good people but one day hopefully it’ll all make sense. and I firmly believe it has to. So just continue to fight the good fight. Continue to not let the bad things life presents you to test you bring you down or slow the progression  of the wonderful person you’re meant to be. Keep fighting.